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Songwriter Producer & Partner

Ricky is a songwriter and record producer responsible for sales of 10 million albums and 20 million singles with numerous hits including ‘Kids In America’ and ‘You Came’ for his sister Kim Wilde, as her main writer and producer. He is currently being hailed as the Godfather of Synthwave (a new retro music genre) working closely in his writing/production role with German star Nina and Natalie Shay. He has also produced and written for boy band Worlds Apart achieving 3 top ten singles in the UK, Germany and France.
He hosts a podcast with famous blogger Lee Bennett and Eastenders soap star Jake Wood called ‘Unsung Heroes’ talking to songwriters and producers behind the scenes in the music industry. Ricky is still the MD for the Kim Wilde band, and has been touring extensively over the last 15 years with them as guitarist and keyboard player.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Graeme is an entrepreneur, founder, business and life coach, mentor, positive mindset coach, podcaster and feel good radio show host. He is a people person and passionate about helping
individuals achieve the success they so richly deserve. Although he advises top level individuals in many other industries, he has a love for the music business and its community.
In the February 2021 lockdown, Graeme & Sarah started the Supergroup to support a cross section of the industry, as many felt alone, anxious and exposed after losing their incomes and future.
Everything seemed bleak. The Supergroup has evolved and grown into a special community of individuals at all levels of the industry offering a safe space to talk, build confidence, collaborate, learn and build long lasting relationships and friendships.
We have decided that it’s time to grow this amazing community and open it up to more people who see the value and can benefit from what’s on offer.

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COO & Co-Founder

Sarah is a Start-up specialist with a passion for launching brands globally and helping others realise their dreams through becoming their own driving force when launching their businesses. Sarah spent 15+ years working with big name music and entertainment brands. When Graeme spoke to Sarah about the challenges artists were facing she leaped at the chance to create a community where music industry people felt understood and amongst their peers.  She is an all round digital expert, PR specialist and creative brand strategist.



Multi-Platinum Songwriter & Partner

Tim is a songwriter across the music genres. His songs have been cut by artists such as Tina Turner, Lulu, Pete Cox, Billy Myers, Joana Zimmer, Jaki Graham, Louise Setara, Marcella Detroit, Steve Brookstein, Jazz artists Tammy Weis, Peter Grant, Country artists Lost Hollow, Kim Richey, Beulah, Eric and Jensen and many others.Tim was elected to the main board of BASCA ( Ivors Academy) and in his time there he was deputy Chair of the Song writing Committee and an Ivors judge.

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Music Industry Expert

Steve started his music career in promotions at the legendary Belgian dance label “Antler-Subway”. He worked with artists such as Ian Van Dahl, Lasgo, Praga Khan, Lords of Acid to name a few. During his time at Antler, Steve became the A&R and Label Manager and in 2002 he started his own label together with his former bosses of Antler-Subway. In 2005,  in parallel to the label he started a new company that was specialised in publishing and collecting neighbouring rights for artists. 
Steve is currently Head of Business Affairs and daily operations for for a new music company called Wanted Music Group which is owned by Thibaut Courtois, the goalkeeper of Real Madrid. His job is to help young talent navigate their way through the big and confusing world of the music business. Steve is passionate about supporting new talent and is a great advocate for all that

The SuperGroup Pro stands for.

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Founder Member

Liz has been involved in events for more than 30 years on incredible projects around the world. Liz now has a staging and temporary structures company called NoNonsense and they love working on festivals live events, tours and concerts and a host of other things that bring joy to audiences the world over.  Liz sits on the council of the Production Services Association and works with an incredible team of people in live music and events to ensure crew, suppliers and clients are properly represented with the government pushing for support and guidance to enable us all to work better and safer. We are delighted that Liz is part of The SuperGroup Pro.

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Founder Member

Dave started his career as a bassist working with acts including Wham!, Hazel O’Connor, The Q-Tips, James Brown Funky People, Bonnie Tyler and many more. He later went on to engineer and produce a number of acts in and around Europe before settling into studio consultancy

He was appointed MD of Studiospares Europe in 2019 where his marketing interest has also helped to develop music marketing strategies for many musicians and bands.
Dave continues to play live and on sessions, and is always keen to help any upcoming artistes wherever possible, especially within the SuperGroup community.

Love this quote from Dave “Music is my excitement, my calm, my love, my faith and a great bass groove is what drives it all.”  



Founder Member

Karim is a singer, songwriter and performer and a true creative chameleon with experience gained as a Presenter, Model, DJ, Event Coordinator and Producer.
Karim has dedicated over twelve years to the music industry consistently refining his craft. He has a truly rare and versatile skill set which is coupled with industry insider knowledge. Karim is perfectly positioned to help other artists launch their careers, work alongside them and offer advice and support. 
Karim's burning ambition is to connect great opportunities to great people and help others to succeed on their journey.



Founder Member

Callum has specialised in marketing for several years, across various different industries. Having worked for an independent label in London, Callum played a fundamental part in all aspects of artists’ careers, such as Zach Said – providing support with social media presence, organising and promoting events, producing press releases and managing all aspects of marketing. When we spoke to Callum about the SuperGroup Pro, he emphasised how important it is to be surrounded by honest and experienced individuals who can be part of your journey. Callum’s focus is on providing brands and artists with powerful, authentic marketing strategies that truly represent and help YOU to grow.

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Founder Member

Drew (aka Blunt) is an established songwriter/producer for Film, TV and Games. As well as having cuts with several artists around the world, you can find Drew's work in films including Kevin and Perry Go Large (Harry Enfield), High Heels and Low Lifes (Mini Driver), prime time shows including The IT Crowd, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The F Word and major game releases such as Saints Row, Far Cry and WWE Smackdown. 
Drew began his career as a dance music producer with his first release still changing hands for over £50 on Discogs, He went on to write, produce, engineer and program for Leona Lewis, Danni Minogue, Pauline Henry, Damage and Vula Malinga.



Founder Member

Chris has 30+ years experience in touring, writing, recording and entertaining and as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Chris played keyboards for Grammy award winning band ‘A Flock Of Seagulls in 1986, to lead vocalist in the house band for Sky TV’s variety show ‘The Happening’ on Channel 4 and live at the Astoria Theatre London in the 90’s.
A prolific songwriter, Chris continues to release material in a variety of genres from stadium rock and pop to spine tingling ballads and ambient cinematic music for meditation and film sync.
Chris has helped other musicians secure performing contracts in various locations throughout Europe. His YouTube channel interviews musicians and producers sharing their experiences.
He continues to work on a regular basis both as a solo artist and keyboard player and guitarist for other bands and artists.

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Founder Member 

Since 1985 Duglas has been the leader and chief songwriter of BMX Bandits, who The Guardian called “Britain’s ultimate cult group”. Kurt Cobain famously said “If I could be in any other 
band it would be BMX Bandits".
BMX Bandits have released 16 albums internationally. Duglas has collaborated with music legends including Dan Penn, Chip Taylor, Alex Chilton and Kim Fowley.  The latest BMX Bandits single Razorblades & Honey is a collaboration with Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Hifi Sean.
Duglas is also very experienced in the world of broadcasting, having been a producer, A.P. and music consultant on BBC output including The Beat Room, Top of the Pops Saturday and T in the Park. 

Duglas recently completed his first movie score, for the forthcoming psychological chiller Dreaded Light.
Duglas and BMX Bandits are subjects of the acclaimed documentary features Teenage Superstars and Serious Drugs.